Wood Lamps Market size, Manufacturers Analysis, Trends and forecast 2021

Global Wood Lamps Market is segmented on the basis of product type, product, application, and geography. A wood’s lamp is a diagnostic device that emits ultraviolet (UV) light in the 365 nanometer range and normally used by dermatologists to detect bacterial or fungal skin infections. Also, it can detect skin pigment like vitiligo and the other skin irregularities. It also determines if you have any corneal scratch on the surface of your eye. This test is termed as the black light test or ultraviolet light test.


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In the market, modern black light sources are specially designed mercury vapor lamps, BLB fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes or incandescent lamps. Fluorescent black light tubes have a dark blue filter coating on the tube that filters out most visible light. A traditional wood lamp is a low-output mercury arc covered by a wood filter such as barium silicate and 9% nickel oxide and emits wavelength 320-450 nm.


A wood’s lamp examination is performed in a dark room, letting the wood’s light to glow directly on the affected area of the patient’s skin for some time and looking for any alterations in fluorescence or color. The wood’s lamp test is done to detect some skin infections such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, skin coloring changes and ectoparasites infections. In this test there are no risks. However, looking directly into the ultraviolet (UV) light should be avoided.


The factors that play an important role in the growth of wood lamps market are wood lamps being lightweight & compact, with low power consumption, robust design, non-glare glass lens, diagnostic support and cuff for investigations without an external light source. Based on product type, the wood lamps market is classified as high pressure mercury lamp, fluorescence low pressure, and metal halide and so on.


Based on product, the wood lamps market is classified as light source power 10W, light source power 20W, and light source power 30W. Based on application, the wood lamps market is classified as tinea capitis detection, rash detection, acne detection, leak check, industrial testing, attracting insects & killing flies, and so on.


Based on geography, the wood lamps industry is classified as Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and North America. United States holds the largest share in the wood lamps market. Key players operating in the wood lamps industry are Daray Medical, VSSI, Philips, ZellaMed Instruments, Medical IIIumination International, LID, SPECTROLINE, MDS, RIMSA, Schulze & Bohml, Verre et Quartz Technologies and Arno Barthelmes.


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