Improve Staffing Performance and Patient Experience with Emergency Staffing Solutions

Emergency Staffing Solutions help improve staffing performance in both ER departments and hospitals with programs designed to fit the needs of different medical facilities.

[DALLAS, 01/10/2018] – Emergency Staffing Solutions (ESS) provides medical centers with the staff they need when the regular medical workforce is in short supply. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities requiring additional physicians or want to upgrade their current medical management personnel can turn to ESS for the solution.

With ESS’ staffing system, physicians can be more effective in their practices, and patient experience will improve. The company’s solutions will also ease the admission process in hospitals and emergency rooms, and ensure accurate documentation.

Available ESS Programs

Emergency Staffing Solutions provides staffing on a national level, collaborating with numerous facilities to improve further its staffing performance. The solutions are tailor-made to fit the needs of their partner facilities and practices. They offer the following programs:

• ER Department – ESS helps ER departments not just in staffing, but in management as well. Improving performance, quality, admissions, and patient satisfaction is just a few of the benefits gained by their partners.
• Hospitalist – To complement a hospital’s ER, a robust in-patient program is needed to keep admissions from the ER running smoothly. Any cause of delay will be studied, and the programs improved with the help of ESS.
• Hybrid – These types of programs are for low-volume facilities so that they could afford hospitalist programs. ER physicians will be trained to handle in-patient manager responsibilities in case there are off-peak emergency department hours, which in turn will lessen unnecessary transfers.
• Dual Hospitality Program – This is where ESS will help manage both the Emergency department program and the Hospitalist program together. This is applied to low-volume facilities that can support a Hospitalist program.

About Emergency Staffing Solutions

With their headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Emergency Staffing Solutions has since provided staffing solutions to low and mid-volume facilities in rural and suburban areas across 13 states. With 65 clients on board, they have come far since they first started in 2001.

All physicians trained under ESS perform at their best wherever they are placed. With ESS always providing top-quality service, clients found that it continually meets their needs, no matter where they are.

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