How to make GST tax invoice? Which GST software one should use?

If you are worried that how to make GST bill then you have come to the right article. This article will remove all your worries. In this, you will get complete information about the tax invoice, which is made under the GST and will also tell you which GST software you can use for it.
What information must be given on GST Tax Invoice?
You will have to provide the following information in the bill you make.
The name of the seller, GSTIN, address
Buyer’s name
Address of goods delivery
Bill Number
Information of goods
Name (Product Name)
HSN Code
Unit of measurement
Rate (value)
Value (gross value)
Tax Rates
You must have to give all this information on your bill.

Will the handwritten invoice be valid?
Yes! A handwritten invoice will be valid. You also can use software for making invoice or you can make it as handwritten. But In both cases, you have to give all the information given above on the invoice you are going to make, only then your invoice will be considered valid. Along with that, you have to keep in mind that the invoice number should be perfect. You cannot change the number on your own. If you have given 1 number to the previous invoice then you should give number 2 to coming bill and so on.
The handwritten invoice is valid, but I would advise you to use the GST billing software only.
There are some main reasons behind this advice
You have to give all your sales information every month online to the government. if you are using handwritten bills then you have to write all the information on the computer which will take a lot of time. so It is better to make Bill directly from a computer with the help of software.
You will save both money and time.
There will very less mistake.
You will have immediate information at all times, every bill and total sales.
you will able to make GST return files on time and will not get any penalties, also keep in mind that if you do not give your GST return file on time, your GST Compliance Rating will have a bad effect on your business which will affect adversely to your business for a longer period of time.
There are lots of free GST accounting software available in the market but you will not get all the required features from that software so running successful and professional business one should need paid software which will have the entire required feature in it. GST billing software’s will help in calculating to formatting and printing, even delivering invoices to your customers. Modern, easy-to-read invoice templates of these software’s will boost your customers’ trust. This software’s also will make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote & others. With useful filters, these invoice software’s allows you to see reports like stock in hand and sales by product and service.

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