Three steps for selecting a perfect dash cam

We are familiar with the dash cam. As a “black box”, it can help us record the video and sound during driving. In the even of the accident, provide evidence, make sure the responsibility and protect ourselves from loss. If you have this machine, you don’t worry about racketeers, even help other without hesitation. Because of the safety and convenience, more and more drivers began to install a dash cam. Facing the various kind of the dash cam, how do we select?

Fist, become a consumer with sensitivity for price

In my opinion, the best budget dash cam high cost-effective is about 300 to 800 yuan. Low than 300 yuan product has a bad effect on the quality of image and night vision. And some product is more than one thousand, even four thousand yuan because of the multi-function. It is expensive for common consumers. After all, different people have different needs. If only considering recording, it is recommended to choose 300 to 800 yuan products.

Second: the importance is size matching.

The second considering factor is appearance and size. Because the size and position of the interior mirror are different in a different car, not all the dash cam adopt your car.

Because of the limitation of the safety rule at aboard, the dash cam basically uses hidden installation to reduce the size to reduce the influence of driving vision. We still can see out of big size dash cam at home, because without limitation. Based on the quality, it is recommended to choose small dash cam as far as possible.

Most of the dash cam with beautiful appearance and big size is difficult to install between the interior mirror and front windshield, and in the practical purchase, the businessmen don’t agree we test it on our car, even if we buy it online, after-sales is difficult. Therefore, before purchase, we should observe the appearance and space of our car.

In conclusion, big size and beautiful appearance do not apply to our car.

Third: need to know the following aspect.

1, clarity of the image

We should consider the pixel and resolution in selecting. The mainstream navigator on the market is about 5 million pixel, some can reach 12 million and 16 million. And the resolution of the video basically can reach 1080p, usually about 300 yuan dash cam can reach 5 million pixels, 800 yuan can reach 12 million. You should pay attention the HD product whether the dash cam magnifies the pixel through software. We can distinguish the quality though comparing the taking photos and promoting photos.

2, is the effect of the night vision or strong light the core?

Shooting clear the license plate number is the necessary point, you can distinguish whether it is excellent through shooting in the low light or strong light. Most of the cheap dash cam can can’t reach these two requirements.

Mainstream dash cam basically has LED or IR to solve the problem of insufficient light. In fact, this function is not necessary, special LED, because it will increase blind area. When in the purchase of dash cam, you can buy a best front and rear dash cam with IR light.

Before buying, you can go to the internet to search what parameter a big brand has. Through this good quality product, you can confirm a specific price range you accepted.

3, the higher frame is better

We know when we see the state picture more than 24fps, it can deform smooth and continuous video, according to my survey, as long as not a fake product, the mainstream product on the market can reach this value. And some products can reach 30fps or more.

4, wide-angle enough, the fish-eye lens is critical

To reduce blind area, the lens of dash cam usually use wide angle design. Mainstream wide angle was 120 degree for several years ago, now this wide angle has been improved to 140 degrees, of course, have 170 degrees or more. Ultra wide angle although can reduce blind area, relatively it will appear problem of deformation.

5, loop recording and G-sensor

Most of the dash cams have loop recording function to ensure unlimited recording. When the memory card is full, it will automatically use the least video to cover the most previous video. In order to avoid the coverage of important video in an emergency, many dash cams are equipped with G-sensor one-click locking function, the collision will automatically delay the photo, and save the video lock. After all, in the event of an emergency, most of the drivers almost forget to lock the video in time, so the dash cam G-sensor is very useful and convenient.

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