Bioplannet India Pvt Ltd is Now Offering Well Paid Medical Staffing Solutions for Gulf countries

The Gulf has been the new found land of opportunity for decades now and the opportunities are extensive. The Gulf is majorly dependent on manpower sourced from the world over in nearly every field available. The expat population is at nearly 80% of the entire population in the UAE. The Gulf is also wealthy and economically sound and has plenty to offer in terms of culture, diversity, technology, infrastructure and not to forget, an incredible salary package that includes free lodging, medical insurance, bi-annual vacation with travel expenses and tax free income.

Bioplannet has embraced with open arms these opportunities that lay waiting to grab in the Middle East. We pioneer as a consultancy in the Healthcare industry. So, if you’re looking for pharmacist jobs in saudi arabia, nurse jobs in dubai, dentist jobs in oman, Dentist jobs in Dubai or be it as any Medical Professional in the Gulf. We are your literal, One-Stop Solution!

Our function as a consultancy with our candidates, is to have them prepared for their licensure exams with coaching from a panel of expert trainers who are qualified and well versed with every exam, approved and up to date study materials, a library with extensive references and an app that allows you access to MCQs, mock exams and video lectures (based on exam). While you’re preparing for you exams we handle every formality that involves verification of documents, registration for exams and medical fitness. Our final step is to ensure you’re placed with a job that completely satisfies you, which is only possible with the vast clientele we happen to possess.

So, if the Gulf is your destination as a Medical Professional??! Check us out on and upload your profile and get FREE Consultation and Professional Advice by the current market standing.

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