CloudXtension’s Business Intelligence Solutions Help Businesses Make Better Decisions

Businesses can’t go without data-driven decisions in 2018. CloudXtension helps them navigate the competitive digital marketing world through innovative business intelligence solutions.

[BURLINGAME, 1/11/2018] – CloudXtension helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by providing software solutions that are tailored to their needs.It specializes in software development, mobile applications, big data solutions, and other next-generation technologies.

The company also focuses on business intelligence solutions, which, according to experts, are vital to growth and success in 2018.

Business Intelligence Solutions in the Next Generation

Business Intelligence (BI) systems gather information about different aspects of a business. These data are used to monitor business metrics, generate reports, and compare performances.

Inc24, a media and information platform, says that successful organizations will use BI to gain a competitive edge in 2018. This is because advancements in big data, cloud services, predictive analytics, and data science provide more impetus for businesses to create decisions based on hard data.Research-based information, after all, helps them can create better strategies, deploy resources more efficiently, and plan for the future strategically.

Business Intelligence Solutions from CloudXtension

CloudXtension arms businesses with insight through its BI solutions. These enable them to collect information from internal and external sources, create reports, and run queries. This way, businesses can monitor important metrics, respond to issues quickly, and make the most of opportunities.BI solutions also allow them to gauge their performance against competitors.

CloudXtension focuses on analytics, reporting, dashboards, scorecards, OLAP, and ETL. When it comes to ETL and Analytics, it offers data mining, analysis services, Informatica, Hyperion, and SAS.

For the company, generating information is not enough; it also organizes and visualizes the data for easier and faster analysis. In this endeavor, it offers Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft BI Stack, Microsoft Reporting Services, and D3.

Through its BI solutions, CloudXtension helps businesses create strategic business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

About the Company

Cloud Xtension has been providing comprehensive software solutions since 2009. Based in Burlingame, California, it designs, develops, and deploys projects to help businesses grow. It takes pride in its team of experts and decades’ worth of experience.

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