Find Your Perfect Home Using the Real Estate Hub

The Real Estate Hub provides future homeowners with several options for their perusal. With the number of beautiful houses featured, buyers will have no problems picking out their perfect home.

[PHILIPPINES, 1/11/2018] – The Real Estate Hub offers homebuyers with listings of beautiful homes for sale in convenient and idyllic locations. Clients who wish to know about a listing before taking the time out of their busy schedule to visit in person can use the hub’s resources to learn about each property’s features.

The real estate experts have assessed the properties themselves and have provided interested buyers with the information they’ll need in order to make a sound decision. They have several listings available such as houses located in Lancaster New City in Cavite.

Lancaster New City Listings

Lancaster New City is one of Cavite’s largest developments, and the Real Estate Hub has provided reviews and information on their available house listings. Currently, their available houses include:

• Alexandra – A single-detached house perfect for large families, the Alexandra is priced at a starting price of P3.5 million.

• Diana – Though not as spacious as the Alexandra, this house has large living spaces and is ideal for still growing families. Its starting price is at P1.3 million.

• Mabelle – A 3-story townhouse fit for large families as well, it features a master bedroom with three additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Pricing starts at P2.2 million.

• Sophie – A single-attached house, the Sophie is another house ideal for growing families, and it even features a small garden for those who enjoy some green space. The starting price is at P1.7 million.

About the Real Estate Hub

The Real Estate Hub strives to be every homebuyer’s go-to source for any real estate needs. Their real estate experts list down a property’s prices and features to give buyers accurate information for easy and objective comparisons.

They understand that buying a home is not an easy decision and is a huge investment that relies on trust. Through the Real Estate Hub, buyers can feel content, knowing that they will get unbiased reviews and accurate pricing.

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