Pleasure Cruising Club INC Offers Smarter Luxury Boating Options than Boat Sales in Melbourne

Pleasure Cruising Club INC brings low subscription membership programs to allow more time for the luxury boating at much less price when compared to boat sales in Melbourne.

Pleasure Cruising Club Inc, a registered luxury boat club in Victoria dedicated to the exceptional enjoyment, comfort, support and service of its members. The cruising club offers low-cost monthly subscription programs to use its top-notch luxury boats and enjoy boating on as many occasions as possible. These are definitely smart deals for members who want to take their friends and family on luxury boats for an entire day in Melbourne while they can  try the whole range of boats for much less price in comparison to Melbourne boat sales. They can now have a better and smarter experience of luxury boating in Melbourne with the choice of Pleasure Cruising Club’s membership program.

More than hundreds of Australians, who are unable to bear the expense and hassle of boat sales in Melbourne, have started with Pleasure Cruising Club’s shared luxury boat services 10 years back. So, you can consider joining this exclusive boat club for a low monthly subscription boating service and have an exceptional experience of cruising this season on personal as well as professional occasions.  This club has spent more than 10,000 hours in training its members. Many local members who join Pleasure Cruising Club Inc for a boat share also get trained in boating.

“Our fleet includes top-notch luxury boats such as Riviera and Maritimo that are free from the risk of boat hire, boat advertising, and boat branding. When your guests board any of our boats, its just reserved for them for the whole day. With our low-cost monthly subscription programs, you escape the boat hire or boat charter advertising cost. We constantly update and keep our boats in perfect condition. Our luxury boat service and support will surely impress your family, and friends. Whether it is your desire to enjoy a BBQ off a beach or swim off the back of the luxury boat with the close friends, nothing is going to compliment like our luxury boats. So, check out our available membership programs now,” said a spokesperson of Pleasure Cruising Club Inc.

Pleasure Cruising Club Inc charges a low subscription fee for annual boating activities, without any hidden charges. In addition to the annual fee, you will have to pay for your fuel consumption. This boat club’s membership can be renewed every year. Thus, you can save yourself from a long-term commitment. To become a member and avoid the huge cost of Melbourne boat sales.

About the Company:-

Pleasure Cruising Club Inc is a licensed luxury boat association in Victoria. It has a great fleet of luxury boats offered with 24/7 supporting services to members for the optimal fun of boat cruising at much less price than boat sales in Melbourne. With low monthly subscription offers, Pleasure Cruising Club INC brings a memorable, comfortable and safe cruising experience for all without the expense and hassle of Melbourne boat sales. For joining boat club membership inclusive of an in-depth training course meant to handle the boats properly, click on

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