What is the program of the dash cam

The program refers to use what chip to achieve this function, such as Ambarella, Zhuoran, Lianyong, Quanzhi, Taixin, AIT, SQ, Lingyang, etc. The master chip is the most core of the best front and rear dash cam, like CPU of the computer, it is responsible for image data acquisition and data compression.

according to different resolution, it can be divided into VGA(640×480), 720P(1280×720) and 1080P(1920×1080). VGA(640×480) is the earliest product standard, Taixin, SQ and Lingyang generally are used in the low-end product. 720p is the most cost-effective, only Lianyong and  Zhuoran have reached 720p, generally used in the middle-end product. Taixin, SQ, Lingyang can use software to transfer VGA to 1280*720. but it is not the true hardware decode, in other words, the effect of VGA hasn’t been improved, and occupy a large space. 1080p only is supported by Ambarella and Lianyong, but the cost is high.

What is the program of the dash cam

1, Ambarella, an American company, has a lot of experience in video processing. Because of the advanced image processing and image compression, it can be said to be the industry leader. None of their core technologies are in Chine and the core code is completely closed, so there is a small difference between the options companies and there is serious homogenous competition.

2, Zhuoran, an American company, is better and early to enter the dash cam industry. When VGA is popular, they have launched 720P dash cam. Because of some reasons, they occupied a few market.

3, Lianyong, the second largest IC design company in Taiwan, is very powerful. Because of little top technology, but they can do better in mature technology, and the price is also cheap.

4, Taixin, Taiwan company, early to enter dash cam market, when entering 720p and 1080p, they also focus on 640*480, so that they don’t have long development.

5, Quanzhi, a new brand in China, is used in dual-lens and multi-lens . and the homemade chip has a price advantage, the performance is excellent. One of the characteristics is the high image processability but consumes a lot of power.

6, AIT, a Taiwan brand, later to enter dash cam industry. The first product is 1080p and good quality. In my opinion, because of the sales strategy, resulting from the high price, they lost the advantage of the price, so they don’t have good sales.

7, SQ, Taiwan company, is low price and common performance, a bit power consumption. it is quite popular in the low-end market.

8, Lingyang, a Taiwan company, is a leader in low-end dash cam. They have never suffered a loss in the price, large sales. Because of the lower price, the material on the product is lower grade, which makes the performance unstable.

If it is not the product of the Ambarella and Lianyong, don’t believe that it is 1080p dash cam. You must make sure what chip it uses, the reason is the big different price of products. The most of technology of Ambarella companies are not authorized, if there is no technical support from the original factory, many problems arise, they are often very passive. The authorized products must be private mold products, and the price is often very high. So the product to reach 1080p to meet the needs of consumers, unquestionably the best choice, in improving the ratio of performance to price, but also to ensure the clarity of the shooting screen

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