A Charity to Save Trees With a Large Price

I was invited to a black tie party for a charity event with the meal and beverages free.  A business associate that always contributed to this big charity always went all out year after year.  Each year he would give more.  All I knew about this charity was what I had heard from other associates and that my associate was very giving to this charity.  Later I had found out he had bought tables for all his customers or at least some of his customers.

At first when I was invited I was afraid I was being asked to pay to go to this charity.  I was astonished my associate would give me 2 free tickets to a table.  I had heard a table seat could be as high as $1000 with the ones closer to the stage being pricier.  I did not know what they would speak about exactly at this event but would venture to guess it was to raise more money.

Later on I found out the cause was to save trees.  This is a worthwhile cause to save nature, but I can think of much better causes to help people in need.  I would rather plant a tree, and contribute to a cause to cure a disease.  I would not give money out of my pocket for this charity event but yet I felt who would contribute to this event.  A better approach might be to educate people and have each making a difference by planting a tree, going paperless, not polluting the environment, using less water, recycling, and so forth.

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