San Diego locksmith announces plans for Spring 2018

Jan. 11 2018 San Diego, California – Prestige Locksmith a well known locksmith in San Diego has announced several of their strategies that they will utilize into the 2018 year. The service company will be rolling out a series of new marketing strategies and new services to their roster.


In an interview with press last Tuesday the owner of Prestige Locksmith “Shy” Lavy had this to say; “ I began Prestige Locksmith nearly a decade ago. In the beginning the work was busy and the pay was pretty good. But then the recession hit and we really took a hit hard. Our locksmith company went from expanding out of control to retracting in order to make our business more efficient. And the economy is on the rebound!”


Mr. Lavy went on to explain that his business will be rolling out special coupon pricing depending on the season. “We are excited because this year we are rolling out a new special for every season. It is our way to test these new marketing strategies and to really implement our years of marketing experience.”


“Of course we always offer free of charge pet and child rescue services, but now we want to take it a step further into the homes of our happy customers and perform a zero cost evaluation of their homes. The evaluation will cover all of the security vulnerabilities of the property and will also provide a list of the tasks that can be performed in order to fully secure your home or business property.” Shy continued.


“We really want to put our San Diego locksmith business to the test and provide our services where we are needed the most. So our main focus is helping children and elderly people. That is where we really shine. And other emergency type locksmith calls. Getting on scene quick is what we do best!” My. Shy Lavy concluded in an interview.


Mr. Lavy would like to personally invite all readers to his Facebook page. On the page interested readers will be able to learn more about Shy and the amazing locksmith services that he provides to the community of San Diego.


About Prestige Locksmith:


Prestige Locksmith is a small family owned and operated locksmith in San Diego. The company specializes in emergency locksmith and rescue services for stranded motorists. The company prides itself for being fast and fair rates. Interested parties are encouraged to program the phone number into a contact list to ensure maximum security at all times. 858-353-7430


Prestige Locksmith

3342 Kettner Bivd

San Diego, CA 92101


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