Allure Aesthetic Surgery Provides Treatments to Young Patients Looking to Stop Aging in its Tracks

(Beverly Hills, 01/12/2018) – Clinics that offer cosmetic procedures are seeing more young patients looking to prevent signs of aging. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills provides an array of services that help rejuvenate the skin and stop aging in its tracks.

Young Patients Turn to Anti-Aging

Professionals in the aesthetic industry report that they see more Millennials in their offices. Dr. Dendy Engelman, a Manhattan-based cosmetic dermatologist, for example, claims that his average cosmetic consultation has become younger by about eight years. “Prejuvenation” is a term coined to describe the effort young people put into preventive anti-aging.

According to USA Today, one in five women admits to being concerned about wrinkles even before they hit their mid-twenties. Moreover, a survey conducted by skin care retailer revealed that 30% of women aged 35 years old and younger use anti-aging products on a regular basis.

The younger generation is working harder to preserve their youthful looks as they move through their 20s, turning to treatments that range from chemical peels and less efficient home devices to visits to dermatologists and aestheticians for Botox and fillers.

Stop Aging in Its Tracks

Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills, one of the most talked about aesthetic centers today, offers a range of noninvasive procedures that help eliminate signs of aging at their onset.

Volbella XC, for instance, works well for individuals who wish to treat mild to moderate folds and facial wrinkles. The treatment delivers an appearance that looks naturally smoother. The FDA-approved treatment also works well for lip enhancement and for making areas around the eyes appear fuller.

This treatment is just one of the many procedures the aesthetic center provides. They also administer surgical procedures for those who wish to enhance their features or to shed some unwanted pounds. A certified surgeon overlooks the procedures so that patients can be confident in the safety of their treatments.

About Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills

Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills is the go-to for quality aesthetic surgery services. Under the supervision of a certified and highly experienced surgeon, the surgery center focuses on procedures that improve and rejuvenate the face and neck area. The procedures they administer include rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery, as well as nonsurgical treatments such as dermal fillers and more.

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