what does g sensor mean on dash cam

What is G-sensor

G-sensor refers to the perception of the direction of gravity of the earth. At present, many dash cams with G-sensor chips.

Constituent part of G-sensor device

G-sensor device includes sensor, processor, controller.

The sensor is responsible for detecting the state of the memory and calculating the gravity acceleration of the memory. The processor determines whether the acceleration value is beyond the safe range; The controller is responsible for controlling the locking or releasing of the head out of the safe berth. Once the sensor detects and the processor determines that the current gravity acceleration exceeds the safe value, the controller stops reading and writing through a hardware-controlled magnetic head and quickly recovers, locking in a proprietary head berth. This series of actions will be completed in 200 ms. When the sensor detects the acceleration value to return to the normal value range, the product will not resume work.

Technology principle of G-sensor

using the principle of gravitational acceleration, once an accident is detected, G-sensor technology can remove the head of the magnetic to a safe area in the instant of a fall, which can improve the security performance of the mobile memory can by more than 500% reaching or even surpassing the seismic the seismic level under the condition of no electricity, thus ensuring the security of the data and information in any state.

Application of G-senor in dash cam

G-sensor of the dash cam is professionally named gravity Induction Image recording Protection system. the system can record G-sensor information. And according to the environment of the upper and lower, left and right, before and after the amplitude of vibration caused by the cheap to determine.

G-senor is built-in dash cam. When the dash cam works normally, the car shakes in the event of a collision, The dash cam automatically locks the video taken to ensure that it is not automatically covered for least video and that the video evidence is automatically retained. But for some time, the dash cam will accumulate a lot of locked files, which will lead to the memory card full, the dash cam does not record, so the dash cam had better format the memory card once a month to ensure that the dash cam runs normally.

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