Get Pre-Designed Business Cards for Your Barber Shop with NJ Barber Supply

NJ Barber Supply offers three different pre-designed business cards for barbers and barbershops.

[New Jersey, 1/12/2018] – NJ Barber Supply, New Jersey’s source for the lowest-priced barber supplies, is now offering pre-designed business cards for barbers and barber shops.

The standard-sized, 2″x3.5″ cards are printed in 16pt thickness, and finished with a UV gloss. The designs are pre-made by NJ Barber supply, with the pertinent information of the barber or barbershop added to the card.

Three Types of Design

NJ Barber Supply offers three pre-designed cards: Classic, Modern, and Graffiti.

The “Classic” design features an old-style red, blue, and white barber’s pole, complete with printed straight razors in the front.

The “Modern” design is simpler, with a minimalist black and white color scheme, and is ideal for barbershops that have a contemporary design scheme to their shop.

The “Graffiti” design features stylized paint splats in 4 different colors: red, green, blue, and multi-color. Although the design is fun, the Graffiti card is still professional enough to be handed out to clients.

NJ Barber Supply also offers printing services for flyers, with the same design schemes as their business cards. These flyers can have details added to it like discount prices or a list of services. The flyers are printed on standard 4”x6” postcards, and are finished with the same UV gloss as their business cards.

About NJ Barber

Located in Elmwood Park on Route 46 East in New Jersey, NJ Barber Supply carries around 100 different brands for all types of barber shop supplies, from machine clippers and shavers, to skin care products and barber accessories. NJ Barber Supply has also held advanced barber training and marketing strategies featuring renowned barbers like Jeff Angelo, Kenny Duncan, and Patty Cuts.

To know more about the types of supplies and brands that NJ Barber Supply carries, contact them at 973-9490-3200, or visit their website at to order barbershop supplies online.

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