Why does iPhone application development cost so much?

Have you at any point thought about the amount it would cost to iPhone application development? I have received this question from many of our customers. It’s a practical question as the budgetary constraint is the main deciding factor for all consumers. Almost all of our clients have asked us the same question.

Here are the main factors that decide on the pricing of iPhone application development:

  • Features
  • Complexity
  • Type of platform
  • Back-end servers
  • Offshore v Agency build
  • Updates
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing (in some cases)

Apps with simple UI/UX start from US$25,000 and upwards while really complex apps can cost US$1,000,000 upwards. These are big numbers for most organizations. However, this doesn’t address the fact that all companies, including startups, need to invest in an exclusive iOS mobile app to stay relevant in the era of digital disruption.

Some say that it is a fact that a business will need at least US$10,000 to work with a firm that is reputed to create enterprise-grade mobile apps. But as technology has advanced, the cost factor for iPhone application development has reduced. But very few companies have invested in cutting-edge iPhone application development. HokuApps is one such company that I have come across. Rather than charging clients with an hourly basis formula, costs are fixed.

iPhone application development Formula = Hourly Rate * (Features * Time) (upwards of US$25,000 with limited integrations – up to 3)

With HokuApps iPhone application development = Fixed Price (less than US$25,000 with multiple API integrations)

Some of the big boys (I won’t name them) won’t give you the time if your budget is anything less than US$500,000. I came across one vendor, who, during a discovery call, cited a cost of US$900,000.

Coming to the next layer of big boys, the costing is a little less, but not as much as expected. These guys will charge you anything between US$150,000 to US$400,000. Aging this number is out of reach of most startups without venture capital investment (large).

The last layer of the stratosphere, with a strength of fewer than 10 employees will charge you anything between US$50,000 and US$90,000. However, I can tell you from experience that the time taken can exceed 1 year. One app that I was a part of took more than 17 months, and the project is still in progress.

So, here’s why the costs are so astronomical with iPhone application development:

  • If you are making a cross-platform app – Android takes 3 times more time than iOS. Porting costs make for a large part of the app development process.
  • Hidden costs like maintenance and upgrades burst the cost bubble.

Here’s the solution – Go with low code iPhone application development

With HokuApps iPhone application development, you can create mobile apps at 10x speed. Not just a term, 10x means you get a working ‘live’ prototype in 2-3 weeks, while the app itself is delivered in 6-8 weeks. The way HokuApps does this that they have created pre-built templates. So, all you have to do is choose the templates depending on your workflow and logic, add modules with a drag and drop features, and their developers will hand-code the rest. More than 90% the code is automated.

This is why these guys are fast, secure and affordable. I mean, even if your business workflow is complex, the costs remain the same. Not many companies can boast of this. Try HokuApps iPhone application development and know all this with a discovery call.  

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