What new in Panagbenga Festival 2018?

The meaning of Panagbenga is definitely the season of blooming. This festival has been celebrated within the month of February. In the start off, it was started to raise money by promoting tourism but now it’s grow to be the part of Baguio culture. The local government promotes this festival because it helps the people today to earn revenue, entertain and spend a superb time by enjoying events of this festival. Get extra details about panagbenga festival history

The theme of Panagbenga Festival 2018
The theme of this festival is depending on flowers. The entire month, you’ll see the genuine and artificial flowers all around the roads and streets on the Baguio including the decoration of flowers in restaurants, shops, and also other buildings.

That’s not it, the costumes of this festivals are also inspired by the spring colors and flowers. Because of the verity of flowers and colorful costumes, calling this festival the festival of colors would be not incorrect.

What to do in Panagbenga Festival 2018?
You’ll find so many activities it is possible to do there as guests. From the first day of this festival till the last date, you are able to appreciate distinct live events at distinctive venues of the festivals and take pleasure in the local meals.

Some of the locals come towards the most important city to sell the classic dresses and handcrafts.

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The music and dance of Panagbenga Festival 2018 are also extremely popular all about the planet. There is not any distinct time set to get pleasure from the live efficiency of dance and music except the grand parade, opening and closing ceremony. In case you have missed any of these, do not be concerned because the smaller parade takes locations time for you to time in the Baguio city while some groups practice for the grand parade at public places.

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