New website helps lean entrepreneurs and early stage startups to reduce monthly subscription spending

Early stage startups and small business owners sometimes get a rude awakening when it comes to recurring expenses and monthly subscriptions. These monthly expenses are all from reputable companies that add value and provide necessary services, but many early -stage small businesses can’t keep up with them.

However, a new website, promises to offer alternatives to monthly subscription spending by sharing the best pay-once or lifetime license options with entrepreneurs. The site also offers other ways to save money and reduce business spending during the first few years of operation.

This small business site will be of interest to any entrepreneur who has ever signed up for web hosting, email marketing, a productivity suite or cloud storage that was out of their budget. Thankfully, there are now alternatives to all of these recurring expenses.  Saas and cloud based service providers are popping up that offer lifetime subscriptions and pay once options. This new wave of entrepreneur-friendly options can keep cash strapped businesses away from unnecessary monthly spending in the first few years.  Just pay once promises to source the web to find the best of these alternatives.

The new website has a simple, clean uncluttered design where the main focus is on helping lean entrepreneurs to save money and keep the doors open.

CK Barrett, the entrepreneur behind the site said “Through necessity, I’ve found alternatives to everything. I’ve found different ways to keep from paying many of the monthly charges that can drain a small business during the early stages when they really don’t have much money.” She continued “I know. There’s another school of thought that says, “If you can’t afford these things then maybe you shouldn’t be in business. That may very well be true. But this website is for the rest of us who have a whole lot of potential, zero venture capital and just need a little help to keep things lean until we get there.”

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