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Pendidikan Abad ke-21, 30 January, 2018: PAK 21 welcomes people to an excellent platform which is especially designed for Pendidikan Abad ke-21. In this platform people will be able gain their knowledge on a multiple things including education standard of 21st century, physical education, civic education and a lot more things.


PAK 21 works as an intermediary platform that gathers RPT & other study materials from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others for the teachers. Anyone can access this website to gain knowledge on different topics and they can also communicate with experts to solve their queries about any subject, topic or information featured on the website.


This website is build to share knowledge about nearly every topic available. Apart from the above given topics, one will be able to find valuable information on more serious topics like Islamic education, Health education, Visual Arts, Music Education, Mathematics and what not.


The main purpose of Pak 21 is to help readers to solve queries of anything they are having in their mind and they promised to give the best solution for any query raised by their readers. PAK 21 Pendidikan Abad ke-21 also takes its pride as it welcomes any kind of suggestions, views, and criticisms about their website, topics and service.


Pak 21 also feels proud to help teachers to make RPH pak21 in 2018 more easily and quickly with the help of this website. Teachers can simply gather all the necessary information they require by downloading the RPT files on their required topic from the website. To get more information about PAK 21 Pendidikan Abad ke-21, visit:


About Company: PAK 21 is a platform that features information on different educational topics like Health education, Physical education, Music, Visual Art, Islamic education and a lot more. Readers can gather valuable information on different topics from this website, raise query on the topics, place suggestion and view on the website.


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Author Name: Pendidikan Abad Ke-21

Business/Company Name, : PAK21 Enterprise

Local Address, : SK Pendidikan Bandar Keratong, 26900 Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

Phone Number, : 097884001

Company Mail id. :

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