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Many people these days like reading their news from the internet. In the past, people read books, novels, and magazines. However when traveling, these added to the load to carry around. Now people have smartphones which help them carry lots of reading material of their choice.  If one travels to a place where there is no network or wifi, many internet dependent apps will fail. There are, again, lots of people who are still avid readers. What if one finds an app which can let them collect all the desired news and blogs articles offline and read them later whenever they want?

Most people want the latest news, but now there is so much available that it becomes difficult to keep up with it all. How does it feel when news alerts pass by from various subscriptions? There is now an app in which the reader can collect just the reading material they want and save it for later. That app is the “Zholink”. This app is made for news and magazine lovers and allows them to save time by saving what they want to read for when they actually have time to read it.  Zholink organizes what the reader wants to keep in organized collections so the reader has no problem finding those articles very quickly once those links are saved.

There are many features which makes it helpful and different from the other newsreader apps. Some of which include:

  • saving links to read later.
  • multiple link lists to help finding links faster
  • public link lists for crowdsourced news
  • trending and latest news in public link lists
  • downloading news, blog posts, or other articles for offline reading
  • tag and reaction lists for even more specific reading lists
  • searching within each list to filter through thousands of links saved


Zholink can filter through all of the other buzz and save only the articles people want to read later. Users don’t have to sift through all of the other news or query a search engine for the news they want, Zholink collects for the reader only the news and articles the user is interested in. Zholink provides two main columns of lists, i.e, “Public links” and “My links” to distinguish between the crowdsourced public links and only the links the user has saved.

These are the reasons why Zholink is better than other newsreader apps available on the Google Play Store. Zholink balances the reader’s time so the reader doesn’t have to stop everything to read a new article that may get lost in all the other notifications.  The collected news will be available when the user has time enjoy reading it.



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