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If you’re looking for BizTalk Server Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research BizTalk Server has a market share of about 15.6%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in BizTalk Server Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced BizTalk Server Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as BizTalk Server Developer.

Q: Define BizTalk and its functions?
BizTalk is a Business Process Management Server system from Microsoft, and is basically a message based integration tool. With this server system, large enterprises can automate and integrate its organizational procedures. This has been made possible by customizing the communication system among various software systems of an organization. It provides some fundamentals functions like Business Practice Modeling, B2B Communication, Process Automation and EAI. BizTalk helps enterprises to integrate and manage various processes by exchanging various documents like Purchase Order, Invoicing within and across the boundaries of the organization.

Q: Name the different Components of BizTalk server.
Following are the different components of BizTalk server.

1. Receive Port – Listening Messages
2. Adapters – Interchanging Information with External Systems.
3. Pipeline, Dissembler and subcomponents.
4. Message –Box – Internal XML messages published and consumed by users.
5. BizTalk orchestration Engine – Processes internal XML messages and republishes them to message box.
6. Send Port – Consumes internal XML messages, converts them to wire messages by the connected pipeline and assembler.
7. Adapter – Conveys wire messages to the target.

Q: What is direct Binding in Biz Talk Server?
Direct Binding is the process through which messages are sent from one orchestration to another. It is also utilized for sending messages into the message box. It is indispensable in the Microsoft’s publish and subscribe system in BizTalk for sending messages amongst orchestration.

Q: What is a distinguished field in BizTalk server?
A pipeline is required to write Distinguished Field in the message when it is being received on a port. Dis-assembler pipeline component such as XML and flat file disassemble does the task of writing the message context by the pipeline. In addition to it, custom pipeline component might be performing the task too.

Q: How to transfer files without using Orchestration?
1. We can do this by content based routing to transfer files.
2. We can create, receive and send port. If the send port is configuring, we can provide the condition as BTS
3. Reciveportname= 

Q: What is BizTalk business process configuration?
We can set parameters for an orchestration that implements a business process, which professional analysts might not be able to create, as they are used to practice with traditional methods. Parameters for creating an orchestration can be defined to enable developers to configure it. An information worker sets the parameters using TPM services by specifying their values in the agreement.


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