Add Watermark to Your Images & Protect

Click the picture in the different form are now days trend to get attention on the different social media platform. People prefer those smartphones which are having more and better quality camera. But it is important to protect your image from being misused. However, there is also a trend of tagging the watermark in the picture to protect it from the viewer. For this purpose, there are different apps available and Shot on Watermark is one of them available at Google PlayStore for Android users.

The app is all about making your picture full of watermark signature. Other than this a user can find brand logos in this app for getting the better result. You can use it for your personal or professional life. In the workplace also watermarking is useful for protecting the data.

Coming to the top features:

  • Watermark List: There is a list of various watermarks from where you can select the one of your choice. There are different inbuilt shoton watermarks which are full of stylist fonts and brand names.
  • Save Image: You can save the image with shot on watermark without changing image quality.
  • Saving the logo: You can make watermark on logo and save it for the future use.
  • Beautiful fonts: The app is providing all the beautiful fonts for your beautiful images. A user can find stylish font for their images.
  • Offline App: The app is totally; therefore it can also be used even if there is no internet connection.
  • Protect your own copyright: Add your own logo and protect your copyright and your images will become brand.
  • Logo creator: You can create a logo and align the same.

Other features of this app:

The app is totally efficient and user-friendly. It’s simple and fast. You can share your images on the different social media in a fast manner. There is sharing option through which you can share your image on the Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or anything but third-party app must be installed on the device. You can add watermark on the picture taken directly from your phone camera.

Price of the app: The app is not free and it cost at Rs.50 available at the Google Play Store.


The overall thing is that Shot on is providing all the mean of adding the watermark in the picture in order to protect it. Use “Shot On App” and get a protected image that you can freely share on the social media.

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