How To Plan Bhutan Tour Cost?

It has a long here and it’s time to let your hair down an relax. So what better way to do this than taking a tour, see some attraction sites and just enjoy good company and food. And touring Bhutan comes highly recommended to give you adventure, amazing experience and is a great escape from the oh so busy concrete jungle that is the city.

Bhutan is located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. It is a Buddhist kingdom and it is famous for the monasteries, dramatic and beautiful landscapes and fortresses that move along the steep valleys and mountains, and subtropical plains. In the Himalayas, their parts of the mountains that are a favourite for trekking. Today Bhutan is a highly recommended and favoured as a world destination, which gives you adventure and exciting memories.

After making the decision to be part of the elite people that get to experience one of the most beautiful travel destinations, you need to create a great plan on how you will make it the best tour of your life without worrying about costs and prices for all the different parts you want to experience. A good start is a detailed itinerary as this will list all the activities you will do, thus you can complete and estimate your Bhutan tour cost for the entire tour.

The Cost Plan Should Have Following Items

  • Travel costs

These are the flights and the transportation that will be used to move from one area to another once you’ve arrived at your destination.

  • Meals

You will need at least 3 meals a day and you need to calculate how much they will cost.

  • Tour guide

This cost is for the tour guide that will be assisting you at the travel destination, giving you information about the tourist attractions and etc.

  • Visa and other documents 

Different countries have different sets of rules for tourists and visitors. This cost has to be built into your Bhutan travel costs.

All other costs such as bottled water, and English speaking tour guide, a driver, any costumes and souvenirs and etc. There are several agents that offer great travel packages that will be suitable and affordable to you. This way you can save time as the agents are well experienced in travel and will ensure that all your items as per your itinerary and other supporting activities are covered so that you can fully experience and enjoy you Bhutan trip.

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