Masterpiece Of Artwork Is Best Reflected In Paintings Of Vivek Kumavat

According to Hindu traditions, the bull is considered to be a powerful animal. The current theme of famous artwork focuses on the majestic form of the bull. This art form is something which is not restrained to one single theme only and one of the famous ones are best painted by Vivek Kumavat. Vivek Kumavat has tried to create a signature style of painting. Vivek Kumavat has done many exhibitions including more than 11 solo exhibitions and six group exhibitions.

He has done exhibitions with leading art galleries in Gallerie Splash, Gurgaon, Renaissance Art Gallery Bangalore etc. His works are characterised by an inflated look wherein the animal isn’t how it looks like in real life but is pretty colourful and sports patchwork of a collage of Gods and Goddesses.

According to Vivek Kumavat, Indian festivals are a pastiche of colours hence the use of bright reds, oranges, yellow etc form the colour palette. Having passed BFA from Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, Vivek has been painting professionally for the past 12 years. He is currently based out of Mumbai. Most fascinatingly, he used to paint with knives and the edge of a razor blade creating diverse textures while working with a full bloom of colours assuming his own unique style.

Making home interior looks fascinating and eye-appealing art in itself. The whole lot of thinking and research is required to choose an ideal choice of wall paint, artistic furniture is in modern style or vintage style pattern, selecting cushions and their covers and so on.

One thing that looks highly creative within home premises is Vivek Kumar’s Paintings which is definitely a great artwork of passion and sound skill. Painting is something which is an appropriate choice for art lovers using the top for decorative purpose or to increase a certain theme inside the premises. A pioneer in the field of painting is best known for his expertise in showing the magic of his brush on abstract and colourful paintings that sure to lure anyone’s eyes at a first glance. Another collection of figurative, abstract, and landscape works that encompass the spirit of our motherland. In order to find Vivek Kumavat paintings, one need not plunge physical at any shop as online means is a perfect way out to check the whole collection with simple clicks. All you can access an online site, where the multitude of ranges in popular art pieces can be found easily and purchased the same at an affordable price without even leaving very comfort at home.

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