Streaming media rearview mirror hs790b redefine HD night vision

Even if the rear window is completely blocked, do not affect to observe the rear condition. Even if reversing in dark light, the rear condition is clear at a glance. Even if the heavy rain, you don’t worry about the blurred rear windshield. Streaming video mirror praised as a vehicle safety artifact is one of the most attention product on the after-installing market. Streaming video mirror dash cam can give people three times view, effectively put an end to the rear blind area, so that the change of track, reversing are safer.

Three times vision give us the most impressive, but a lot of sports light of streaming video mirror still has been ignored. Take the HS790B streaming video mirror which used, for example, it is a performance in the night is so excellent.

HS790B streaming video mirror uses the advanced LLL light and white balance algorithm, in the dark environment, it can still provide a clear rear road condition, so that the driver isn’t afraid to reverse at night.

In addition, HS790B streaming video mirror also has an excellent rear-view width dynamic strong light suppression effect. Handled with a high-end Sony camera and WDR, even if the dark environment, the road condition is still sawed clearly, including the people in the rear seat. At the same time, effectively suppress the rear light into a small aperture, so that it is like the traditional rear-view mirror resulting in the instant blindness for drivers, further ensuring the safety of the driving.

It is worth to mention that the HS790B streaming video mirror is the most powerful functional streaming video cloud mirror, ADAS, 4G, car map, online music and so on on the market. Its 9.88-inch screen, best chip, and Sony high-end camera is the most stable operation and excellent night vision performance of the most powerful guarantee.

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