The IELTS Academy Receives This Year’s “Top Performer Award” from the British Council

The British Council award for both the Karnataka State and the Bangalore city is presented to The IELTS Academy at the Partner’s Meet 2017-18 held on 20th February 2018 at The Lalith Ashok, Bangalore. The IELTS Academy is an exam registration Centre for IELTS test and a Gold member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme. The award is on the basis of the IELTS registrations in the year 2016-17.

Founded in the year 2002, The IELTS Academy is one of the oldest reputed training centers in Bangalore for the preparation for IELTS test. Started as a small in-house training center for IELTS test preparation for people migrating abroad for settlement and studies, it has developed into a reputed institute in Bangalore imparting various career-oriented training programs and provide different workforce training programs for the learning and development of employees in multiple sectors. As a “skill and performance enhancement organization,” “our objective is to deliver topmost coaching required to flatter knowledge and skills of employees to stay competitive in the ever-challenging ****** market” says Dr. M. Jaikumar, Director of the Academy. The institute helps organizations and professionals to optimize their skills, knowledge, and competence.

About The IELTS Academy
We provide extensive training for the above licensing exams, assist in booking the exam and also assist in placement of successful candidates especially in various Gulf countries.

The IELTS Academy
204, HVS Court, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560052
Phones: 22355537, 22355538, 22372699, 22372700
Mob: 0091 – 8884812714
Contact: Kumar
Mob: 0091 – 7676504403

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