Minnesota ****** Enterprise Expands

Minnesota ****** Enterprise Expands

Minneapolis, MN—The marketing firm, Minnesota ****** Enterprise, has recently announced that the company will be expanding from their current location in California into the Minneapolis, MN market. As a marketing and advertising firm, employees at Minnesota ****** Enterprise have differentiated themselves by creating a personalized experience for both clients and customers alike. This one-on-one approach has enabled the company to grow. Branch Manager, Edgar Hernandez, has plans for an even greater expansion because of their management training program, which was designed to enable employees to meet their goals of upward mobility through the company.


Edgar joined the company two years ago from Redwood City, Ca.  He grew up playing soccer as a center mid fielder competitively and after school dabbled in the customer service and construction fields.  Realizing that he wasn’t challenged in a career with growth and advancement in those industries, Hernandez flourished and was promoted into management in just 7 months.  After running the California market for a little over a year he got the opportunity to branch off and grow the Minneapolis branch based on the leadership and hard work he exemplified. “Getting a chance to run an emerging market and give others the opportunity to succeed like I was given truly motivates me to work even harder,” states Edgar.


Hernandez has announced that Minnesota ****** Enterprise plans to promote at least three additional offices by the end of 2018.  Starting entry level and working his way to management, Edgar understands the grit it takes.  Unlike so many other companies who hire outside management, Minnesota ****** Enterprise’s leadership core is based on hard-earned experience. The team always puts their customers first from answering questions to building a strong relationship on behalf of their clients.  As a manager, Hernandez attributes his success to the team he has built and the hard work that they have put in to support their clients’ needs.


Although Hernandez Is more of a coach and mentor than a traditional boss, moments like this give him the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and prove that his methods work. Now that Minnesota ****** Enterprise is looking to work with additional clients in the cellular and energy industries, managers like Edgar are looking to bring in sharp new talent to help their next relationship-building challenge. When asked about the individuals that Minnesota ****** Enterprise will be interested in pursuing long-term relationships with, Hernandez asserted that they are looking for motivated entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. For more information, visit Minnesota ****** Enterprise online at www.mgenterprise.net



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