Get to grips with your tax calculations, with easy-to-follow visuals

Many people across the UK know only too well that they are liable to pay tax, yet a huge number shy away from getting a clearer understanding of their tax calculations. It’s not surprising – tax can be taxing. Calculating tax is a complex affair and – for many – it can be tempting to simply foot the bill and get on with earning the income. However, making tax simple is straightforward and visually clear with the UK Income Tax Calculator, will help millions of UK tax payers get a better grip on how much tax they will be paying. The UK Income Tax Calculator also works out dividend calculations, unlike many of other online tax calculators.

The team behind understood that they needed to do two things very well: take the complex and nuanced HMRC tax regulations and transform the information into clear, easy-to-understand and visually clear and responsive graphics. Driven by 5 main objectives, set out to be the easiest to use, fastest, the most powerful and comprehensive, the most accurate and the best looking online tax calculator in the UK.

Using state of the art website coding techniques and frameworks and leveraging the latest official data from HRMC, built an unparalleled tax calculator website that allows you to adjust sliders to see how different incomes will be taxed. This function is invaluable when understanding the impact of the higher bracket tax band on actual income.

This quick How To Guide shows just how easy it is to understand tax in terms of income:

– Move the slider to the left or right to adjust earnings or enter values in manually in the box
– Select the earnings input period from the dropdown (year, month, week, day, or hour).
– Adjust weekly working hours with second slider to calculate hourly wage accurately.
– Discover the full picture about wage, tax, national insurance, and net income in seconds

The specialised Dividend Calculator will clearly show how much tax and national insurance is payable and how much net income will remain after deductions.

Fery Kaszoni, Managing Director, of UK Income Tax Calculator said “The was a need in the marketplace for a really clear and visually easy to understand tax calculator that allowed users to play about with the sliders. This is really important because understanding how tax affects you – or could affect you with a new income – really lies at the crux of the matter when it comes to income. We are pleased that our calculator is making it possible for people across the UK to better inform themselves on tax matters that impact on them individually.”

Notes to editor:

If you would like to know more about the UK Income Tax Calculator , contact Fery Kaszoni, Managing Director , 0800 246 1001, email Visit the website,

UK Income Tax Calculator is part of Search Intelligence Ltd, or email, Witney Business and Innovation Centre, Witney, OX29 7DX

Fery Kaszoni, Managing Director
Company: UK Income Tax Calculator
Address: Witney Business and Innovation Centre, Witney, OX29 7DX, UK
Phone: 0800 246 1001

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