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Holi is a festival of colours . Every one celebrates this festival is celebrated by everyone …

Holi Festival is widely celebrated by every religion there is no dicrimint about to celebrate . Every religion and every caste people celebrate this festival. It’s a great festival which make the friends love true . As well as people who where to much war between them also become in love ….

It is celebrated by young and old people .

The people become happy mood . On this occasion lots of sweets were made by people . They basically made an sweet name gujiya which is great for that day .once they will play with colour they go to others home and meet each other to make a bond of love between them .  Also they do lots of  stuff such as making Rangoli with colours ..

Rangoli is also a great thing for that it shoes a love of people towards colour .Basically people love colours but now we should have to use natural colour because other colours have chemical which harm your skin ..

You must have to not to waste water on that day .please use powder colours not use water because water is decreasing day to day …

Holi also have some evils many people get drunk on this day which is bad .. Drinking any type of alcohol is harmful for you it does not increase your ability .Also it make you lots of harm please don’t do these because it harms a lot to you .


At the end conclusion is that

We have to celebrate holi in a good way not to harm anyone .Because holi is festival of colour and colour makes a bond of love between people .

Also don’t waste water unnecessarily and use only natural colours ..also not drink alcohol.



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