Cedar Tubs Direct Offers Balboa Spa Heaters for Optimal Efficiency & Performance

Cedar Tubs Direct is a reliable source for providing top-rated hot tub spa parts and accessories at competitive prices. Out of all, Balboa replacement parts hold more importance for year-round hot tub experience. The Balboa replacement parts at Cedar Tubs Direct include Balboa replacement boards, Balboa Top Side Controllers, Balboa Parts, Balboa Heater Tubes, and Balboa Spa Heaters. The Balboa Spa Heaters combining air and water in a jetted spa makes the water to cool 75% quicker than the traditional hot tubs. A Balboa spa heater eliminates the chance of rapid cooling of water by offering a constant temperature – between 102° F and 104° F.

Through the Balboa spa heaters, you can enjoy much longer, more luxurious and enjoyable hot tub experience at home. In addition to, these spa heaters feature the automatic reset for the temperature control without requiring to locate and reset the unit itself under the hot tub. In fact, installation of these heaters is simple and they are easy to use in your home. Some of the best features of their spa heaters:

  • Maintain constant temperature
  • Automatic rest for effortless temperature control
  • Pre-plumbed for smooth installation
  • Plugs easily into standard 120V outlet
  • Energy efficient

“Our selection of Balboa Spa Heaters includes Balboa Spa Pack VS501 – Aux 2nd Hot Tub Heater, Balboa BP1500- Hot Tub Heater-BP Revolution Spa Pack – PN# 56125, Balboa BP2000 Spa Heater Pack – PN# 56377-02, Balboa BP501 Spa Pack – Hot Tub Heater-56485-04, Balboa VS501z Hot Tub Heater – VS501 Spa Pack- PN# 54356-03, and Balboa VS520sz Hot tub Heater- Spa Pack – PN # 56007-01. You can just compare all of our spa heaters available for use and make a perfect selection for your home. Rest assured that all our products are genuine and are manufactured adhering to strict standards of quality. No doubt, you’ll have a traditional spa experience with Balboa for years to come. For immediate help with our Balboa spa heaters, you can make a visit to our website at https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/”, says a spokesperson for Cedar Tubs Direct.

About The Company –

Cedar Tubs Direct is a trustworthy and renowned supplier of spa parts and accessories including Balboa replacement parts manufactured by Balboa Water Group. All of their spa accessories are of the finest standard and quality ensuring top performance, less maintenance, and superior efficiency.  For a better purchase of your spa heater, check out your available selection at https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/balboa-spa-parts-balboa-spa-heaters-c-115_146.html

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