Drop On Demand Inkjet Printing Inks Market – Evolving Industry Trends and key Insights by 2025

Printing over the packaging surface is the necessity for identification of the primary product inside the package, as well as for marketing the product by highly aesthetic graphics. Inkjet printing is one of the oldest printing technique, which is available in two variants, that is continuous inkjet and drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet. DOD inkjet printing is the modified version of inkjet printing, introduced after the continuous inkjet printing, and thus highly preferred by consumers.

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The DOD inkjet printing inks differ in the composition that is whether the ink is water based, alcohol-based or other, and the selection of each kind of ink is dependent on the substrate. Packaging is one of the significant applications of DOD inkjet printing, and the packaging industry is projected to expand at high pace globally. This indicates a well-established and further expanding market for DOD inkjet printing inks.

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Packaging is characterized by the aesthetics and primary product information indicated, along with a few other factors. The quality of ink used for printing leads to the colors obtained, retention over the substrate, protection from splattering, the minimum time required to dry, and others. Moreover, the DOD inkjet printing inks are now available with additional properties such as UV-curable, water-resistant and others has driven the market. On the other hand, with the increasing quality of DOD inkjet printing ink, the price also increases. Thus, it is not feasible for printing mandatory information about the product with high-quality ink.

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Highly attractive aesthetic graphics are not required over corrugated boxes. Thus low-cost black color DOD inkjet printing inks are preferred for the application. Also for coding and marking purpose, low cost and highly durable inks are preferred. The usage of glass and similar highly smooth plastics is rapidly increasing in the packaging industry, while the printing over such highly smooth surface poses a challenge for printing. Thus, developing DOD inkjet printing inks for printing over glass surface is expected to create an excellent opportunity for DOD inkjet printing inks market.

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