Electrostatic Toner Receptive Coatings Market – Growth in advertising and printing sector have led to the increased usage drives market

Electrostatic toner receptive coating is a kind of coating available for substrates, generally paper, with intended use in traditional printers like photo static copiers or ion disposition printers. Electrostatic toner receptive coating is made up of particulate fillers and pressure sensitive polymeric binder material. Electrostatic toner receptive coating on printing surface such as paper or polymeric film helps in improving the durability and print density of images or text transferred onto the printing surfaces, particularly when printed with dry magnetic toner.

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With the use of electrostatic toner receptive coating, the need to employ heat fusing in order to fix transferred contents onto the printing surface gets eliminated. By eliminating heat fusion process, cost reduction can be achieved as the process require high consumption of power. Another major advantage of electrostatic toner receptive coating is they improve the smudge resistance while employing dry magnetic toner. Electrostatic toner receptive coating also makes it easier to print on matte or glossy surface. Moreover, the cost of this technology is quite affordable, adding a small amount as 3% to the total cost. Electrostatic toner receptive coating technology is scalable and can be applied on a single station printing or flex print.

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The global electrostatic toner receptive coatings market is expected to be driven by the increasing population translating to increasing number of offices worldwide. Offices remain one of the largest segments using the technology. The growth in advertising and printing sector have led to the increased usage of flex printing and printed brochures/catalogs which is expected to emerge as one of the major drivers of growth for the electrostatic toner receptive coating market.

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The growing innovation relating to material and process is also expected to propel the market in the next ten years, and beyond.  The demand from packaging applications across pharmaceutical, food & beverage, textile, electronics sector is also expected to boost the market growth. Despite the optimistic outlook for growth, there are many factors, which might restrain the growth of the global electrostatic toner receptive coatings market over the forecast period.

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