Origen Cacao – Best place for Nature Tour in Medellin

Origen Cacao is a Chocolate Factory in Barbosa, which produces Chocolate bars from beans. Founded in 2015 by Danielle, they also have Guesthouse facilities on their company property. They now started a Medellin Nature Tour service besides their Eco hotel to help their Visitors and tourist. With the help of Medellin Nature Tour service, the tourists will get to know about the history and stories of various places in and around the Medellin. Including with this, they also offer a Cacao Farm tour in their company to their interested guests.

Medellin Nature Tour

Medellin is a place rich in various types of natural vegetation and historical places to explore. The lands, mountains, and rivers in and around the Medellin and Barbosa city make it as an ideal place to travel around the tropical nature at its best. The Medellin Nature tour service from Origen Cacao Company is best of its class near the Medellin. They own a Guesthouse – Origen Eco Resort in Andes Mountains just outside the Medellin which serves as a hotspot to stay and explore the beautiful places in and around the Medellin. They have all the facilities to provide the best Medellin Nature tour. They have associates with locals which helps them to exhibit the nature tour well to their customers.

About Guesthouse

The Guesthouse consists of 4 triple rooms with 3 shared bathrooms to accommodate more than 25 people with all the facilities like Wi-Fi, electricity, room heaters, kitchen facilities, etc. One can stay as many as days to stay and see the nature and have retreats and other services from the Origen Cacao company.

Other Services

They also provide some other activities, services, and retreats at an additional cost for their guest. And they are Message therapy, Herbal Plant Bath, Reiki and other healing treatments; Drum-making, Temezcal ceremony, cooking classes and more. All their services are professional to provide the best experience in their resort. Including with this, the interested guest can also take a Cacao Farm tour their Chocolate factory to closely see and understand the chocolate process.

About Origen Cacao

Origen Cacao is a Small Batch Chocolate Factory, located in Andes Mountains near Medellin, Antioquia Department of Colombia. They also offer Medellin Nature tour to the visitors and tourist who are interested in exploring the natural beauty of Tropical regions in and around the Medellin. They have a Resort along with their chocolate factory to provide the guest a safe accommodation with all the amenities. To know more about the Medellin Nature Tour offered by Origen Cacao, visit http://origencacao.com/


Carrera 64a #39-16, Medellin, Colombia

Contact no:

+57 300-451-8467 / +57 313-620-9251

E-mail id: contact@origencacao.com

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