These dash cam is better not to buy

With the improving of people’s living standards, there are more and more racketeers, and the dash cam has become a necessary product. Some people prefer to buy rear-view dash cam because they think that it is convenient and has a good vision. In fact, I don’t recommend this product.

The camera is not suitable.

The reason why a lot of people choose to buy a dash cam is to solve the installing problem. In fact, the installing position is not simple. The suitable location of the camera is on the upper middle front windshield.

But the camera of the rear-view dash cam is close to the driver, affecting the range of the lane. It is likely to create a large blind area to affect driving vision.

anti-shock ability of the rear-view dash cam

We can’t avoid the shake when driving. When in the bumpy traffic situation, the dash cam can’t shot the clear video, the image taken around either blurred deformation, or take the scene and the actual distance is far from the actual. One reason for this is that the quality of the dash cam, and it must be fixed to prevent vibration when it is installed.

Don’t choose the dash cam with the blue film.

A lot of dash cam was promoted with an anti- long distance light, but in fact, only add a blue film on the mirror.

Therefore, you will feel that it has a good effect in the daytime, but at night, you will found it all black.

Don’t buy a rear-view dash cam screen

There is also a rear-view dash cam with an LCD screen in the reflective glass so that it looks so good.

In fact, you’d better not to buy this dash cam, first, it is only an Android tablet with simple display capabilities. The performance is so bad, even crash so that it can’t work in normal. Besides, the light on the screen will affect your driving vision, which is greatly dangerous for the driving safety.

Increase the visual angle

Many people buy rear-view mirror dash cam, another important reason is that this product can provide a wider visual range, especially in the vehicle B column blind area will help. But in fact, these products to increase the visual range and visual field, often by increasing the size of the rear-view mirror, this simple and rude way of no technical content.

And this method will often affect the driving vision, especial the rear-view dash cam. And some rear-view dash cam with large wide angle is by increasing the mirror surface curvature, compared with the ordinary rear-view dash cam, increasing the float is quite limited. Mainly in order to consider the safety in use and avoid the driving danger.


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