Heaters4Saunas Supplies Innovative Range of Infrared Sauna Heaters with Safe Radiation Capability

Heaters4Saunas, a subordinate of Northern Lights Group known for worldwide supply of top quality sauna stoves and parts at the most competitive rates, provides a new range of infrared sauna heaters with safe radiation and deep healing capacity. It includes exclusive varieties like carbon fiber IR sauna heaters, IR sauna heater package with mechanical timer, complete IR sauna heater package with digital controller and more. These carbon ceramic and carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters make the most effective choices for health and wellbeing of sauna users. The emission of safe radiation from these infrared sauna heaters can penetrate deep into the body, causing profuse sweating even at low temperature. Unlike traditional sauna heaters, Infrared heaters from Heaters4Saunas heat the user’s body rather than the air. And the end result is the user sweats faster and easier. The deep energy penetration also stimulates muscles and helps in healing sports injuries, tissue and joint pains.

The latest improvement approaching in sauna bathing is about a riskless healing through the use of IR sauna heaters. Unlike wood sauna heaters or electric sauna heaters stocked by Heaters4Saunas, infrared sauna panel heaters are designed to target the body surface directly instead of the air. It brings in an experience of soaking in a relatively cooler interior at the lower sauna, air temperature while still enjoying the same healing effect on the body causing faster sweating. Infrared sauna heaters of Heaters4Saunas vary in the heating technologies, but turn out to be energy efficient in all forms. The carbon fiber sauna heaters offer greater health benefits than the ceramic panel heaters. The IR sauna heaters are offered in 110 VAC, 220 VAC and 240 VAC options or buyers can go for a complete IR sauna package with the digital controller to save a lot.

“We stock durable and energy efficient models of Infrared sauna heaters that are less likely to expose users to high temperatures, causing skin burn. Our Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters keep the risk at minimal. Lower temperatures in a combination with longer wavelength IR rays ensure great tolerance against longer bathing sessions inside the sauna. Carbon fiber heaters evenly distribute heat and cover a large surface of the body to provide a superior soaking experience all the time. Also, the infrared heat radiated from the saunas penetrates deep into the body, causing maximum heat absorption for optimal healing effect,” said a spokesperson of Heaters4Saunas.

The infrared sauna heaters of Heaters4Saunas can be easily installed in a new or an existing sauna room. They are easy to hand on the wall and usually come with ready to connect wiring. For an absolute edge in the area of sauna soaking with more energy efficient varieties, go through the collection of Infrared sauna heaters offered at https://www.heaters4saunas.com/

About the Company:-

Heater4Saunas is sauna kit and parts manufacturing unit controlled by Northern Lights Group. It is a worldwide supplier of wooden sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters and infrared sauna heaters known for the best customer support. Heater4Saunas stocks a new range of IR sauna heaters assuring soothing and healing soaking experience to users. To learn about the available models of Infrared sauna heaters as well as their pricing, click on https://www.heaters4saunas.com

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