Latitude51 Solar Offers Energy and Cost Saving Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters for Year Round Use

Latitude51 Solar provides easy to install evacuated tube solar pool heaters to enjoy pool heating in winter, spring or even fall, saving $1000’s on energy bill every year.

Latitude51 Solar, solar water heating and PV Systems distributor serving across the USA, Canada and Caribbean, offers easy to set up evacuated tube solar pool heaters to keep the indoor or outdoor pool operational all the year. These systems are no doubt a better alternative to unglazed varieties that are made of a plastic rubber kind materials and can only work when the weather condition is warm and not cold. Latitude51 Solar’s evacuated tube pool heaters will efficiently heat the pool, even during chilling cold months with proper sizing and installation. No matter whether they have an indoor pool, outdoor pool or a year-round pool, pool owners will still be getting heat with these systems even when the temperature outside is – 40 degree centigrade. And the saving on the pool heating costs will be $1000’s every year, accelerating the payback time. When installed in hotels, clubs and other commercial places, these evacuated tube solar pool heaters can ensure payback within a few pool seasons.

Evacuated tube solar pool heaters are perfect for pool owners who reside in cold regions and want to pull out the swimming season, increasing comfort and enjoying greater control over the pool temperature condition. With them, the indoor pool, outdoor pool, covered/uncovered pool, wind shading pool, in the ground/above ground pool heating experience can be cost effective due to the long heat retention hour. Latitude51 Solar’s evacuated tube solar pool heaters use pressurize closed loop mechanism to separate the anti-freezing fluid from the pool/tub water through a titanium or stainless steel pool heat exchanger. By using double layered solar vacuum tubes, they can keep up heating a pool, even when the air temperature goes below the freezing point and becomes as low as – 40-degree centigrade just like in the Northern USA and Canada.

“Our evacuated tube solar pool heaters are very different from traditional unglazed plastic solar pool heaters in both design and heating performance. We use double walled solar vacuum tubes for fast absorption and greater retention of heat energy. Solar pool heaters work perfect with solar radiation, cloudy conditions or with light rainfall. You can install them as a DIYer or with the help of your plumbing contractor,” said a spokesperson of Latitude51 Solar.

If your old solar mat, pool heater has started to leak, or you want to upgrade it into an energy efficient and money saving system, take a look at the evacuated tube solar pool heaters available at

About the Company:-

Latitude51 Solar is a leading distributor of solar Heating and PV Systems active all across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. It is a buying group for top quality solar water heating collectors and solar PV equipment, expanding its area of distribution to almost all areas of the USA and Canada. By selling its products directly to individual contractors as well as homeowners across North America, Latitude51 Solar wants to save buyers a lot of money. If you like to go through its collection of super-efficient evacuated tube solar pool heaters, browse on

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