Select the Most Innovative Farm Machinery from K-Line Ag’s Range of Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment suppliers, such as K-Line Ag, offer innovative farm machinery that is capable of executing several farming processes in one machine.

[COWRA, 02/03/2018] — Many farmers are considering automating their farm processes to improve efficiency, productivity and staying ahead of competition and K-Line Ag offers that. Farm industry experts have noticed that farmers are more likely to upgrade their existing range of farm equipment with advanced technology, rather than buy new machinery.

Automating Farm Processes

Many farm equipment companies are releasing high tech upgrades that boost the productivity and accuracy of an existing machine. One of the most popular machines sought by farmers is the corn harvester. With the various upgrades, these machines now require less power than previous models. Some harvester machines offer power-saving options, such as the ability to disable the chopping mechanism when areas of a field are not ready for harvesting.

Besides farm machinery, high tech farm solutions also include digital water spraying. Although pulse-width modulation spraying is not new, current technologies have developed a constant pressure spray system that has greater precision. This spraying system allows farmers to control their on-field sprayers using a virtual terminal system.

Using Agri-tech Solutions by K-Line Ag

As well as upgrading existing equipment to improve efficiency, innovative approaches to farming equipment have led to the production of multi-purpose machinery. K-Line Ag offers a comprehensive range of farm machinery that combines durable design with advanced engineering. Their farm machinery can perform multiple farm processes that boost productivity and accuracy.

For example, their range includes a precision seeding system called the CropCommander®. With only one machine, farmers can use the CropCommander® to execute precision seeding, deep banding of fertiliser and soil disturbance for root structure development.

K-Line Ag also offers a high performance dual disc-tilling machine in the form of the Speedtiller®. This machine efficiently cuts and incorporates crop residue to increase the carbon content of the soil. Its function can drastically reduce soil erosion and be used for one pass seedbed preparation.

About K-Line Ag

K-Line Ag designs, builds and tests sustainable, innovative agricultural equipment that executes several farm processes. With a background in multi-generation farming, the company is dedicated to producing high quality farm equipment in Australia.

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