A Range of Track and Fitting Options for Sliding Doors from Triline Quality Door Systems

Triline Quality Door Systems, an Australian provider of door systems, offers a range of track and fitting options for sliding doors. Their track and hanger systems are suited to numerous surface and pocket sliding applications.

[Derwent Park, 6/3/2018] – Triline Quality Door Systems is an Australian business specialising in sliding door systems. They offer a wide range of track and fitting options for sliding doors of all types. Strong and durable, these heavy-duty track and hanger systems are suitable for numerous surface and pocket sliding applications.

Heavy Duty Track and Hanger Systems

Triline Quality Door Systems’s products maintain the highest levels of quality and safety. The tracks are constructed from heavy-duty, extruded aluminium – they come in anodized aluminium finish, or can be powder coated. Powder coats come in a range of colours and are available upon request. This hard wearing, protective finish makes them highly resistant to corrosion and degradation.

Triline Quality Door Systems tracks can be cut to size as needed – they have lengths of up to 6 metres, and can hold up to 350kg. The track system features high performance, four-wheel reinforced hangers and is suitable for both single door panels and for two panels operating on a single track.

A Range of Options

Triline Quality Door Systems has several options available. They can be used in a variety of applications, either ceiling mounted or to the side of a wall with a cover pelmet. Ceiling mounted tracks create a flush finish and include products like the Concept™ track and the Triline Quality Door Systems Zero Clearance™ track.

For a more durable choice ideal for heavy-duty applications, they recommend using the Concept™ track and fittings system with a weight rating of up to 180kg or 350kg. These hangers are a 4 wheel cast marine grade 316 stainless steel hanger with reinforced nylon outer tyres and chrom steel bearings.

Customers who wish to order a track fitting system may request a quote on the Triline Quality Door Systems website.

About Triline Quality Door Systems

Established in 1996, Triline Quality Door Systems has served thousands of clients across Australia. The company is a supplier of sliding and cavity doors and systems, providing their clients with the highest quality products. All of their products are designed with efficiency and aesthetics in mind.

For more information on Triline Quality Door Systems and their door systems, visit https://triline.net.au/.

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