Frozen Chicken Automatic Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging is a type of packaging technology wherein air is removed from the packaging before sealing the pack. Vacuum packaging is a common technique of extending the shelf life of food related products without adversely impacting their quality. Vacuum packaging is an efficient way of decreasing food spoilage, but also generates situations which assist in the growth of anaerobic organisms. Over the past few years, vacuum packaging has become an promising solution to guarantee product safety and protection for longer periods.

The growing awareness of good quality and hygienic packaging of food in growing regions is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of this market. Surge in need for longer shelf life of products also has driven the demand for vacuum packaging. Also, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industry are the major end users of this packaging technique. Hence, overall growth in the pharmaceuticals as well as F&B industry has led to rise in demand for vacuum packaging.

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Due to speedy urbanization and industrialization the vacuum packaging market is undergoing technological advancements. New and innovative developments which includes production of vacuum packages that holds recyclable packaging and light-weight packaging are accumulating value to the vacuum packaging market. The vacuum packaging market has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years and is likely to observe stupendous growth during the forecast period.

Various food products such as cheese, continental small goods, fish, bacon, coffee and nuts, and many others can be bought in bulk at a lower price and then pre-packaged by either a central warehouse or in each supermarket or restaurant outlet. Hence, this technique aids in cost-effective packaging.

In this report, the market is broadly segmented based on application, process, packaging material, machinery, pack type, and region. The vacuum packaging market has been growing with respect to growing parent market which is Packaging Industry. The overall market generated annual revenue of $xxm in 2015. This market is estimated to grow with CAGR of xx% throughout the forecast period to generate annual revenue of $xxm by 2021.

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Vacuum pouches are playing some crucial role in packing. Vacuum Packaging Pouches are made of the top quality virgin materials in a thickness suitable for handling, shipping and storing with only minimal care. Damage to packaged products may be avoided by adhering to these simple

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the largest share of the total market, followed by Europe and America globally. The vacuum packaging market in developed countries is well-established; however, markets in developing economies such as China and India are estimated to grow at a higher rate from 2016 to 2021. This is owing to the growing demand for hygienic packaging that ensures product safety and freshness for longer durations.

The major players in this market include:
Amcor Ltd
Bemis Company, Inc.
Coveris Holdings S.A.
Linpac Packaging Ltd.
Orics Industries, Inc. amongst others.

Additionally, this report encompasses opportunity analysis, porter analysis, pricing analysis and market forces such as drivers, constraints and challenges that are involved to drive the overall Vacuum Packaging market.

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