How LKM Recycling is Contributing to UK’s Wood Recycling Market

Wood recycling remains high in the UK as recycling companies continue to offer proper disposal and recycling of wood waste. LKM Recycling contributes to the rise of the wood recycling market by offering wood waste collection as part of their total waste management solution.

[Sittingbourne, 3/6/2018] – UK generates approximately 5 million tonnes of wood waste every year. Half of the bulk is recovered and recycled by recycling companies into mainstream products, such as animal beddings, panel boards for livestock feeding and biomass fuel.

The Recycled Wood Market

As wood waste recycling sustains a steady demand, the UK’s wood recycling market is expected to experience some growth in the coming years. Recycled materials account for 1.5 million tonnes of wood waste each year. Furthermore, 1 million tonne is recovered for use as biomass fuel. Industry experts predict that biomass from recycled wood waste is most likely to transform the UK market with an additional 1.6 million tonnes being needed for various industrial sectors.

The recycled wood market is a significant contributor to the UK’s energy sector due to the amount of biomass fuel produced from recycling wood waste. According to the Wood Recycler’s Association, 2.9 tonnes of annual domestic power production will be generated when new wood waste recycling facilities are operational, which can supply to over 700,000 UK households.

Wood Recycling Service by LKM

To supply the growing demand for wood waste recycling, LKM Recycling offers cost-effective wood waste collection and recycling services. The company helps businesses properly dispose of clean wood waste, and implements sustainable practices in their wood waste recycling service.

LKM Recycling accepts A Grade clean wood waste such as pallets, untreated wooden products, wooden packaging and solid hard and softwood products. The company does not accept wood waste mixed with glass, rigid plastics, green waste and inert materials such as soil and concrete.

About LKM Recycling

LKM Recycling has over 35 years of experience in the waste recycling and scrap metal industries. The organisation is one of the UK’s leading recycling companies that offer total waste management solutions. They have a customer service team that offers advice on any aspect of waste management.

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