Kumari Fulbright Towards Women Education

Kumari Fulbright has been a social worker since her childhood. She always had a soft corner for everyone in the society and she cannot see women suffering due to illiteracy and other evils in the society. With the conviction to do something for the society, the University of Arizona graduate has thoughtfully started her Freedom Initiative project to serve the underprivileged women in the society. Many women in the world have just quitted life due to certain bad relationships, a faulty wedding life and so on. This philanthropic initiative by Kumari Fulbright will help women come out and face the world.

This project aims to infuse confidence in women who has just lost themselves to this selfish world. The programs offered under the initiative will gradually turn around the person and will prepare her to face the world boldly. Kumari Fulbright has a strong family support and she believes the world should connect with each other as a family. The same concept she is carrying forward to her social mission. Each woman who comes here is a member of a family and treated very gently. The aim of the initiative is to revive the confidence and vigor in the person.

All sorts of educational activities, a team of experienced personnel will provide vocational training. A person needs to approach proactively and take benefit of the initiative as much as she can. Kumari Fulbright will ensure that everything falls into place for everyone who comes in need of education.


Kumari Fulbright

Address :- 8710 West Hillsborough Avenue

Suite 317, Tampa Florida 33615

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