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Nowadays, we all have the possibility to do everything that we please regarding our bodies. Whether if it is a surgery, a diet, or changing our lifestyle to get the shape that we please, it is easier today than a decade ago. It could almost seem banal, but most people feel comfortable about themselves when, in their eyes and those of society, they look handsome/pretty. Tanning is just another expression of this actions. For the past years, tanning is not just a thing for the beach. It has transcended into a trending fashion look that people can just ‘carry around’. With this said, for those people in New York in need of a tan, or experimenting this new endeavor, Gotham Glow (https://www.gothamglow.com/info/#/in-salon-tan) is the place to go.
For those who don’t know about this company, Gotham Glow has been the leader of the tanning industry in New York City for the past years. It has almost a decade of experience and a very professional staff. On top of that, Gotham Glow has helped the promotion of health and wellness around the world with the use of their products. Furthermore, they are affiliated with the Association to Benefit Children, International Rescue Committee, Sanctuary for Families, J. T. Martell Foundation and other charities in the country.
The accomplishments of this company are many. Every year, the volume of clients increases exponentially. Of the business’s constant growth, its CEO Tamar Vezirian said, “Gotham Glow takes the taboo out of tan with our signature, classic glow. At Gotham, we believe in enhancing natural beauty, not covering it up. The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you choose. Today, Gotham Glow continues to be well known for providing the best spray tan and natural contouring available”.
To get to where it is, Gotham Glow have done many strategies throughout these last 7 years. It continues to be well known at providing the best spray tan and natural contouring in the city. Also, it employs top-of-the-line products which has a blend of ingredients derived from organic products. Finally, it has set very competitive prices for its services, making it more desirable for clients to hire them.

About Gotham Glow:
Gotham Glow is a 13 years old airbrush-tanning salon working in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District. This company provides a wide number of services like tanning salons, mobile tans and tanning parties created to assist any possible need by clients. Likewise, they are experts in delivering different types of tans like the classic Gotham Glow, the MicroGlow, and MacroGlow.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Tamar Vezirian
Company Name: Gotham Glow
Email: booking@gothamglow.com
Phone: 917-765-7452
Address: 1123 Broadway, Suite 417 (between W 25th & 26th streets)
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
Website: https://www.gothamglow.com

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