Nine factory of the dash cam freezing

Both computer and mobile phone will freeze, so will dash cam. In the using process, the dash cam freeze is the frequent topic. The dash cam is to record our driving process, once frozen, it has a big influence on using. Today, let us talk about the freeze of the dash cam.

The dash cam, like a small box, compared with a computer, is only small, but the principle is not simple. It has its own CPU, display, operation system and software so that the freeze is not surprising news. Because the machine isn’t an opening system, so the freeze isn’t caused by the compatibility. Besides software, hardware error is the main reason for a freeze.

Problems are currently known to cause a crash

Poor connection. There are a lot of connection of the dash cam if one of them loose, the machine will freeze. Because the dash cam on the car was also shocked, so the proportion of this problem is high.

interference. The environment of the power supply on the bus is bad, the voltage fluctuates sharply, and the disturbance is very great. These disruptions can also cause a freeze. Because the interference is random, it is very difficult to capture it.

Static electricity. In a dry environment, it is easy for people to produce static electricity. These voltages with thousands of volts produce strong electric fields and destroy the data in the chip so that the machine freeze.

Memory card error. because the data volume of the dash cam is very large, the consumption of the card is also more severe, and the speed of the card is also relatively high. The profit of inferior card is high and the price is low, so the probability of buying these inferior cards is much higher. There are bad blocks in these bad cards, sometimes the data will fail, on the computer, the computer will try to write again, find a place to write the data. At this point, the phenomenon is relatively slow. But the data will be too late to write, and then there will be abnormal phenomena such as video loss or stop recording or freeze.

High temperature. the high temperature is also one of the important causes of the crash, especially in the heat dissipation design of the unreasonable machine.

Poor connection of the welds. The components on the circuit board are soldered on the circuit board by soldering tin, in the production process, there are inevitable problems with the solder joint of some boards. But these problematic aging and testing processes can be detected at a later stage. But there are very few parts of it, it is not good enough, but in the test time and no problem, in the later use of vibration due to the occurrence of open welding. There is no solution to this problem at present, so even if the international first-class brand, there are still such problems.

Turn on the collision saving(G-sensor or sensitivity). The function is that the machine checks for strenuous motion and, if so, automatically writes the video to protect it, but the problem is that the machine is unable to recognize such scenes as collisions, brakes, and shock absorbers. Therefore, the video files will be kept on the card, without being deleted. Finally, full, the machine naturally cannot record, users, think it is dead. Format the memory card and turn it off.

The track of the memory card error. At present, it is more than hundreds of megabytes per minute, so it is about 4 G to 5G per hour. According to our driving habit, the data of several ten hours or hundreds of hour is very amazing. Like the U disk, using for a long time, the track of the memory card is an easy error. the solution is that format the memory card per month.

The format of the memory card isn’t true, there are three common formats of a computer system, FAT, TAT32, NTFS. The dash cam use FAT32. sometimes our computer will produce another format file, so that the dash cam isn’t recognized, it will appear freeze. Therefore, format dash cam memory card as far as possible.

After leaning, we will have some doubt that the dash cam may often freeze because of a lot of reason. How to solve?

First, not all the users will encounter this problem. Only you operate accurately, most of the people don’t encounter the freeze.

A responsible manufacturer, after the machine is produced, will have the normal quality inspection process to ensure that the detection is correct and then sold. As a responsible manufacturer, they are able to strictly require the quality of the product. In this way, before the new product launched, it must be through the long-term market research and exploration, also include numerous improvements, super-professional testing, and the most stringent test.

The second part is after-sales. From the point of view of the after-sale situation, most of the freeze problems will occur within a few days after the new machine is received, such as hardware failures, card problems, and user setting problem. There are very few freeze problems encountered in the later stages of use.

Any electronic product will encounter certain problems. Mobile phones, computers, after decades of development, also will encounter freeze problems. The dash cam, as a new electronic product, can’t avoid going through a gradually mature process. Usually pay more attention to the use of the machine, master the basic operation, reduce improper operation caused by the freeze.I believe there will be more and more people can more and more convenient use of dash cam to ensure driving safety and develop traffic civilization.

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