Three common dash cam

Nowadays, in order to avoid racketeers of the accident and some unnecessary argument, the dash cam play an important role. Facing the various dash camera, how do we select a suitable dash cam? To solve these question, I am going to introduce the advantage and disadvantages of three common dash cam.

Card dash cam

Advantages: tradition cheap, multiple choice

Disadvantages: small screen, poor workmanship.

This type dash cam is most traditional and common. Because of the complete supply chain and template, a lot of manufactures can produce, so the price is low. At the same time, there are a lot of brands.


Its disadvantages are obvious. It is easy to buy a poor quality dash cam produced by a small factory. On the other hand, with the limit of the size, the screen is about 2 to 4 inch, it is difficult to see clearly the video, except seeing on the computer.

Hidden dash cam

Advantages: elegant workmanship and high quality

Disadvantages: depend on the mobile phone

The hidden dash cam is designed without the screen, which can greatly reduce the size to not affect the driving vision.

In general, hidden dash cam need to build modeler, oppositely, the quality is not good. With the help of the network, it depends on the mobile phone and network.

Rear-view dash cam

Advantages: rich function, big screen

Disadvantages: large price fluctuation and uneven quality

There is no doubt that the rear-view dash cam has the biggest screen, usually 5 to 7 inch, and the richest function, such as music player, navigator, map, Bluetooth and speak control.

As such the various function, the product has a large price fluctuation. Some small factory also can produce the template. It is noticed that don’t choose blue rear-view dash cam as far as possible, choose the white rear-view mirror to ensure enough light at night.

In conclusion. From above, the card dash cam is most cheap, a hidden dash cam is most professional, a rear-view dash cam is richest.

dual lens dash cam:

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