Aircraft’s Fuel Scan 450 Twin: The Best Aviation Consumer’s Product

Aircraft's Fuel Scan 450 TwinThe aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin manufactured by J.P. Instruments, is probably the best fuel indicator to date. This is a product engineered by aeronautical engineers (nothing new there), but; hold your breath, was designed by bunch of experienced pilots which is why it has all the features and functionality that you as the pilot or aircraft owner might love to have in a fuel indicator.

I won’t insult your intelligence by writing that this is a digital fuel indicator! Of course, it is digital – which modern day fuel indicator isn’t? That said and for its size, it uses an amazing display system – one that is not only crystal clear, but has the priorities right. So, let us check out the features offered by aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin manufactured by J.P. Instruments.

Product features of by aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin manufactured by J.P. Instruments

1. Fuel quantity measured in gallons, litres or pounds.
2. Low fuel quantity alarm.
3. Low fuel time alarm.
4. GPS interface—bi-directional serial interface.
5. Automatic K-factor calculation.
6. Instantaneous fuel flow rate
7. Solid-state pulse generating rotor fuel flow transducer.
8. Total amount of fuel consumed.
9. Total fuel remaining.
10. Time to empty at the current fuel-flow rate.
11. Fuel Management.

One thing that obviously hasn’t changed is the fact that the pilot has to still enter the quantity of fuel filled into the tanks. He can do so while the aircraft is on the ground or even after take-off. Naturally, the accuracy of some of the functions of the aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin depends on accuracy of the fuel quantity entered by the pilot.

That said, let us see how different the aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin vis-à-vis earlier fuel indicator models. For starters, the FS-450 Fuel Scan uses a small, highly compact turbine transducer that measures the fuel flowing into the engine. The working principle of the transducer is similar to that of a regular power generator – the faster the wheel spins, the more the power output. This ingenious simplicity ensures that the transducer keeps performing accurately even if the aircraft was doing cartwheels in the air.

In terms of accuracy, fuel transducer does to the fuel indicator what HD technology did to your TV set i.e. the high rate of pulses generated by the Aircraft Flow Sensors, ensures higher accuracy in calculating fuel flow.

Having the fuel flow accurately measured; thanks to modern day IC-based circuits and programming, the rest of the requirements on the pilot list was easy to implement.

The functionality of the aircraft Fuel Scan 450 Twin manufactured by J.P. Instruments includes:

Operating Modes: There are two operating modes – Automatic Indexing, and Manual Indexing.

Programmable Alarms: Pilot programmed minimum Aircraft Level Sensors that will display fuel remaining and finally, time of flight left until the tanks become empty.

Sleep Alarm: Don’t want to be distracted by the alarm? Just press the STEP button and the alarm will ‘sleep’ for 10 minutes or, press and hold a couple of seconds and the alarm will turn off.

Automatic Self–Diagnostic testing on engine start after which, it will remind you to enter fuel you might have added to the tanks.

These and several other functions and features, make the aircraft fuel scan 450 Twin manufactured by J.P. Instruments an awesome product. It is hardly surprising therefore, that it has been declared as the best aviation consumer product for this year. More information here:

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