Bonzirecording’s Latest Quarter Filled With Many Exciting Projects

Bonzirecording is pleased to announce they have been working on a number of exciting projects this quarter. The company has had many opportunities to work with some of the world’s most exciting musical artists. The last quarter has seen a variety of projects, from punk rock to pop and everything in between, with mixing/mastering, vocal tuning and music and voice-over services.

With mixing and mastering, Bonzirecording worked with Hardsell, one of the most influential European punk bands in the world, to mix their new album, “Subculture Criminals”. Bonzirecording was able to infuse a hint of modern power in the mixes for this band that was interested in maintaining their roots in classic punk rock. The end result represents old school punk with a punchy modern sound and really highlights Hardsell’s prowess on stage and in the studio.

Bonzirecording has also been busy with their vocal tuning services. Working with artists, such as Tomi Kenn and Nick Goncalves from 8Graves, the company was able to smooth out the vocals and bring already professional performances to modern sounding aesthetics. The results are amazing. Because it never sounds robotic or unnatural, it’s as if no additional work was done at all.

With the company’s DStudio Tracking, or music and voice over services, they worked for a PBS musical tribute to The Heartbeats, re-recording The Street Corner Renaissance, an a cappella group from Los Angeles. Relying on the vocal guide tracks Bonzirecording prepared beforehand, the group completed the session with a stereo live recording that sounds like the vintage vinyl days of the past. The company used a stereo technique called Mid-Side that allowed them to play with the stereo image in post. The PBS airing will occur in mid March 2018.

Bonzirecording has also recently tried their hand in the radio advertisement world with voice-over artist Brent Nash, who was coached by renowned veteran Maurice Kitchen. The company had to choose the right sounds and background effects to truly make the scene come alive. With ads, such as a gym and a boxing ring, Bonzirecording created these sounds in the studio and on location, having a lot of fun in the process.

For more information about the business and its services, visit the website at Bonzirecording or call 617-935-3572.

About Bonzirecording: Bonzirecording is an established music-recording studio. With state-of-the-art equipment, passion and dedication, the company prides itself on providing its customers with the utmost in professionalism and service. Providing mixing/mastering, vocal tuning and post production services, Bonzirecording is a one-stop destination to get any recording off the ground.

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City: Los Angeles
State: California
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