Hire an Adept Florida Divorce Attorney for Handling Your Divorce Process

Divorce is termination of marriage legally by the court or any competent body. When you are planning to get divorced, you need to hire an efficient Divorce attorney in Florida. Divorce brings an emotional distress to the couple and they require a legal assistance to handle their issues. The lawyers will help you to know about your rights and will guide you through difficult times. Paperwork is an important task in the process and it has to be done in a proper way without any errors. Also, you must proceed with the process knowing your deadlines.

For filing for divorce, you must be aware of the certain things. You should reside in Florida for a minimum of 6 months. Your Florida’s driving license or voter’s registration is required to prove your residency. Also, there is no need for you provide any evidence for divorce. If your marriage is irretrievably broken or your spouse is incapacitated, then it is enough for proceeding for divorce.

Steps in the Divorce process

Divorce process timeline depends on the type of divorce and how you and your spouse are dealing with it. If you are with the separation your properties and custody of children, it will get finished with less time. When problems arise with these factors, you will need to deal with the difficult process. The steps in divorce process include,

  • Filing petition
  • Serve papers on a spouse
  • Discovery
  • Temporary orders
  • Settlement
  • Final hearing
  • Trial

The initial step in the divorce process is you should file the petition in court. This can also be done online with the help of your divorce lawyer. Details such as your name, marriage details, and information about children should be mentioned. After this is done, your spouse must be informed and they are liable to answer the court. Then you need to decide on the liabilities, assets, income, expenses and all other details. Depending on these issues only the final hearing will be determined.

When the couple comes to an agreement there is no need to schedule a final hearing. When there are problems in negotiation, the trail should be attended. Taking up a trial can make you to spend more money and involves a complicated process. To know more, visit https://www.naplesfamilydivorcelawyer.com/


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