How Much Importance of “Agriculture Drone Market” That Deals with Global Market to Grow

Market Highlights:

The global agriculture drone market was valued at USD 193.4 Million in 2015. Agriculture drones have the ability to collect high quality data and are easily processed with data processing tools.

Farmers are increasingly adopting the technology in farming process for attaining better efficiency and productivity, and for efficient use of land, water and fertilizers. Increasing awareness for precision farming is also expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period.

Growing funding for the UAV manufacturers and improving precision farming and automation initiatives will also benefit the industry growth. The technology also assists in taking the pictures of their land/ fields and provides soil data for crop management. Furthermore, the combination of technologies which include imaging capabilities, adding sensors and other equipment such as GPS has also enhanced the industry demand.

Key Players:

Key players in the industry include Trimble Navigation, DroneDeploy, PrecisionHawk, DJI, 3D Robotics and AeroVironment. The competition in the industry is expected to intensify with the development and launch of new products. For instance, American Robotics has recently introduces an autonomous drone solution “the Scout” which is a self-managing, self-charging system capable of autonomously carrying out scouting missions. The vendors in the industry are focused on introducing easy-to-use drones which can efficiently cater the needs of farmers.

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Market Overview

The application of UAVs in crop monitoring has enhanced the crop yields and has also influenced the industry in funding the UAV-based startups. The startups in the industry are majorly focusing on developing software and hardware accounting for more than 75% of the market. From crop monitoring to automated planting and real-time monitoring, the technology is expected to play an significant role in farming over the forecast period.

Although, stringent government regulations and lack of trained pilots is expected to hinder the industry growth. The universities and institutes developing the technology have started the programs dedicated for guiding and training for operating UAVs will further positively influence the market growth.

Recently, Aerodyne and non-profit group Meat & Livestock Australia have announced a USD 5.1 Million R&D program “Drone as a Silent Service”. The new program will research on 9 focal points which include fence monitoring, herd location, **** location, bull tagging, feedbase monitoring, feral control, feedlot, water monitoring, and tagless ID.

Market Segments:

Based on the products, the market is categorized into fixed wing, rotary blade and hybrid. The fixed wing is estimated to acquire the major share in the industry owing to their capability to cover long distance and to carry heavy payloads. However, hybrid drones are anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

The application is further segregated into field mapping, variable rate application, crop scouting and others. Field monitoring is estimated to dominate the market in terms of revenue, owing to benefits such as increased yield by analyzing and monitoring the fields. However, crop scouting is expected to witness significant growth owing to their ability to spray fertilizer accurately.

Regional Analysis

In Asia Pacific, countries such as China, Japan and Australia are expected to drive the industry whereas Japan dominated the regional market. In the rest of APAC countries such as New Zealand and India are projected to witness stable deployment of drones over the forecast period.

Furthermore, the drone market is projected to be driven by the North America region whereas Europe region is estimated to acquire major share in the industry. The technology enables the farmers to gather the information on real-time and is thus giving a high-technology makeover to the agriculture industry.

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