Kumari Fulbright And Women Empowerment

Giving back to the community is what Kumari Fulbright has learned since she was in her middle school. Her teachers in school and professors in college and university always lauded her efforts. Kumari Fulbright hails from a family who is tightly knit together. It is said that a family that eats together stays together and Kumari Fulbright’s family is extremely supportive and her biggest strength. She always had strong support from her family that she never had to look up to someone else in life. She has fought for herself and came out with excellence only because she has a marvelous family with her.

She is an MBA and she knows the value of being independent and with an aim to empower women she has started her Freedom Initiative Project. The project started by Kumari Fulbright aims at pulling our women from any abusive relationships, rejuvenating them and bringing their life back on track. Many women in the world have just lost their fights to the world and are no more willing to do something good for them.

This initiative will help them fight their fears and make them eligible to conquer the world. Kumari Fulbright wishes to empower every woman and wants every woman should be empowered and she should work independently for herself and her family. A family is never complete without a woman and if someone is not ready to understand the value of a woman, Kumari Fulbright is there to help these women to show their power to the world.
Kumari Fulbright has dedicated her education and life towards this initiative and wants more and more women take a proactive step towards a better life. There is no one in the world that can stop women power to excel.


Kumari S. Fulbright

8710 West Hillsborough Avenue

Suite 317

Tampa Florida 33615

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