Kumari Fulbright Wishes Every Woman To Work Independently

Kumari Fulbright has her part of ups and downs in life and she has her family to support her in each event of her life. She was adaptable to each of the places she visited and she has seen many women suffering in their lives. Very thoughtfully, she decided to start her Freedom Initiative Project and she wishes each and every woman to be empowered and work independently in this world. Many women take the wrong happenings as a matter of fate and they remain dumb knots and let their life end in prison. Kumari Fulbright has roamed various places from Dubai, Maldives, Aruba, to London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Barcelona, Paris and many more.

She has absorbed the beauty of each place and came to know that women in some parts of the world still needs a strong support to stand for themselves. Kumar Fulbright is dedicated to work to assist women throughout her life. She believes in the four pillars of a successful life:

The first things are to believe that you are precious to this world and no one can seize your life from you. Even if you had some bad experiences, you should know how to come out of it and believe in yourself. You are more precious than the most expensive piece of jewelry on this earth.

If God has given you this life, there is some purpose for it. Due to a mistake of some burglars that ruined your life, you cannot punish yourself and divert yourself from the purpose of your life.

You need to be confident and work out a plan of action for your life. The freedom initiative project will help women work out a plan of action for their future life.

Yes, praise and appreciation. If people are not ready to praise you, you praise yourself for the efforts you made to justify your life. You just cannot remain back seated for the whole of your life and need to come out of your fears.
These pillars of successful life can turn around anyone’s life and Kumari Fulbright is aimed to help the whole women society to understand the value of their life.

Kumari S. Fulbright

8710 West Hillsborough Avenue

Suite 317

Tampa Florida 33615

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