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The Miami Beach Advocate (Newslink7) is a well known online news portal, which gives up-to-date breaking news that is happening worldwide through the internet. Reading news on this portal is the quickest way to know full details about the latest occurring around the world. This portal is mainly for sharing the breaking news; so, the readers can easily access the news topics without any trouble (advertisement). Each and every topic on this news portal clearly placed with the relevant pictures.

All of the major topics have been published on this portal such as, sports, politics, business, finance, health, entertainment, technology and many more. When an individual wants to know the current incidents regarding politics, then the Miami Beach Advocate is the finest source to get political news by national and international.

Benefits of Reading News in Online

There are several kinds of benefits people can avail when reading news through an online news portal. The first thing is that reading news online is cost effective when compared with the other news media like daily newspapers, magazines and radio / television. You can access the online news portal from your mobile phones by the help of the internet connections. Also, the other news resources only have the limited number of topics; but, in the website portal you can get detailed information about all topics.

In today’s world, there are many web portals available on the internet that provides the updated events and happenings up-to-the minute. From those websites you have to pick the right one to keep informed about the topics you interest.

About Miami Beach Advocate

The Miami Beach Advocate (Newslink7) is a leading online news publishing portal; here people can get access to flash news from all parts of the world and USA. The Newslink7 is created specifically for the online readers who are loved to read news on the internet. This is one of the most visited online news portals and it gives reliable information from the trusted sources like BBC and NBC. The Miami Beach Advocate updates hot news several times in 24 hours. To know the detailed information, visit

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